Gain Insight into 3D Sensing Applications

Get tips on the testing of laser diodes and VCSELs that are at the heart of 3D sensing applications. Fill out the form and download these two application notes:

  • Laser Diode Array Test for 3D Sensing. Learn how to achive more efficient and reliable electrical test for new applications such as 3D sensing.
  • Enhancing Trigger Synchronization for High Volume Production Testing of VCSELs. Learn several effective test methodologies for achieving a highly synchronized trigger system.

The application notes feature the Keithley 2602B SourceMeter instrument, the leading laser diode test instrument because of its:

  • Speed: It’s 20% faster than similar instruments from other vendors.
  • Precision: it offers precise hardware handshaking mechanisms and the accuracy needed for laser diode LIV sweeps.
  • Synchronization: it offers tight synchronization between laser diode and photo diode.2602B

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