Get help in troubleshooting problems with the multi-gigahertz digital signals traveling through your design. The 28-page Fundamentals of Signal Integrity Primer shows you how to track down the root cause of signal integrity problems so you can fix them fast.

  • Get an overview of the instruments, software, and test techniques available to identify the source of digital signal integrity problems.
  • Quickly diagnose the analog root causes of common digital system performance problems.
  • Gain troubleshooting insight with the waveform examples provided.
  • Learn when a logic analyzer, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, or TDR is the best instrument for the job.

This primer will help you diagnose the source of amplitude, timing, or frequency distortions faster and with greater confidence. For your free primer, just complete this short form.

Fundamentals of Signal Integrity Primer

Diagnose digital signal problems quickly

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