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Step up to the unrivaled accuracy of Tektronix MDO3000 Mixed Domain Scopes and
get ONE FREE software option.

Never Settle for Close Enough

We designed the MDO3000 Series Oscilloscopes with this simple, but important goal – to make the best measurements in the industry. We have more tested, guaranteed specs than anyone else - be right, be sure with the MDO3000.

Here's what you get

For a limited time, when you buy a MDO3000 scope, you can choose to receive ONE of the following software options for FREE. Customize what works best for you from these best-selling software application modules.

MDO3SA - Increase spectrum analyzer input frequency to 3GHz on MDO3000 Series oscilloscope
$2890 value

MDO3MSO - Add (16) Digital channels with P6316 logic probe to MDO3000 Series oscilloscope
$1670 value

MDO3COMP - Computer serial triggering and analysis (RS-232/422/485/UART)
$1240 value

MDO3EMBD - Embedded serial triggering and analysis (I2C, SPI)
$1240 value

MDO3AFG - Add (1) channel arbitrary function generator to MDO3000 Series oscilloscope
$864 value

You can also choose AUTO, PWR or USB (Up to $1,570* value)
* In USD. Subject to local pricing policy.

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"What I liked most was six pieces of equipment in one. It reduced bench clutter and was easy to use."

- Ray Vieweg, Hardware Lab Manager

15 Guaranteed Specs! 3X more than Keysight

MDO3000 Series measurements are taken on actual acquisition data, providing as much data to measurement algorithms as possible. Other scopes on the market use lower-resolution display data, which can produce measurements that are inaccurate and change with zoom settings.

With so much riding on your design, put your trust in guaranteed accuracy.

See how they compare...

Specification Tektronix MDO3000 
Oscilloscope & Acquisition System
Bandwidth Guaranteed Guaranteed
Sample Rate Guaranteed Typical
Waveform Acquisition Rate Guaranteed Typical
System Digital Channels
Maximum Sample Rate Guaranteed Typical
Threshold Accuracy Guaranteed Guaranteed
System Analog Channels
Channel-to-Channel Deskew Range Guaranteed Typical
DC Balance Guaranteed Not Specified
DC Gain Accuracy Guaranteed Guaranteed
DC Measurement Accuracy Guaranteed Typical1
Input Impedance Guaranteed Typical
Input Sensitivity Range Guaranteed Typical
Maximum Input Voltage Guaranteed Typical
Offset Accuracy Guaranteed Typical
Time Base Accuracy Guaranteed Guaranteed
Vertical Resolution Guaranteed Typical

1. Measurement is typical for single-cursor measurements, and only guaranteed for dual cursors.

MDO3000 Awards

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