Wireless Integration.
Cutting edge RF analysis that minimizes the cost of testing and gets your design to market faster.

  • Address today and tomorrow’s most popular wideband signals with 40 MHz bandwidth
  • Software module speeds up testing for popular IoT wireless standards, like Bluetooth, Zigbee, and WLAN
  • Automate your characterization and manufacturing with a programmatic interface
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EMI Pre-Compliance.
Pass EMI compliance certification the first time by pre-testing your designs in your own lab.

  • Find transient EMI faster with DPX
  • Built in spurious measurements with limit lines help visualize EMI issues
  • Capture signals for future analysis and comparison with signal record and playback
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Spectrum Management.
Fast RF analysis and geo-location for spectrum management and interference hunting.

  • Quickly discover co-channel interference and transients with DPX
  • Fast-forward your workflow with mapping, signal database, and interference hunting options
  • Record live signals for playback and analysis
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Network Installation and Maintenance.
Installation and
Critical cable and antenna testing on the go.

  • Tracking generator and software options enable distance to fault, cable attenuation, gain/loss, and return/loss
  • Leave the analyzer in your bag and use a light tablet with SignalVu-PC software
  • Full PC capability enables off-air recording, snapshots, and notes for easy record keeping
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Product Family
The full featured spectrum analyzers you need, in one small, low price package
Fast forward your work and expand your capabilities with software add-on modules
Leverage one powerful easy-to-use software across all devices for free


A full-featured RF analysis is in your hands at a breakthrough price

  • 9kHz-6.2 GHz, 40 MHz, USB 3.0 spectrum analyzer with SignalVu-PC
  • Design, interference hunting, EMI diagnostics, and education
  • Now with improved dynamic range and a 3-year warranty
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RSA503A and RSA507A

Fast, light, and all-in-one field tool for spectrum analysis

  • 9kHz-3 GHz or 7.5 GHz, 40 MHz, USB 3.0 spectrum analyzer with SignalVu-PC
  • Unmatched interference hunting
  • Rugged chassis and battery operated
  • Tracking generator options for radio network maintenance
  • 3-year warranty
*Accessories include calibration kits, powered bias-T, Panasonic ToughPad® tablet PC, carrying cases, directional antennas, cables and adapters
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RSA603A and RSA607A

The essential tool for wireless analysis and testing

  • 9kHz-3 GHz or 7.5 GHz, 40 MHz, USB 3.0 spectrum analyzer with SignalVu-PC
  • Analyze popular wideband signals, including 802.11
  • Popular wireless standards support, including Bluetooth and WLAN modules
  • EMI pre-compliance checking and troubleshooting
  • Tracking generator option for component characterization
  • 3-year warranty
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Signal-VU PC Spectrum Analysis Software

Free user interface to use with Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers, USB Spectrum Analyzers, MDO4000 and MDO4000 Oscilloscopes.

  • Free base version delivers benchtop performance with 17 RF measurements included
  • Streamline workflow with options that include vector signal analysis, pulsed signal analysis, and commercial wireless signal analysis
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