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The record and playback solution

Visualize, record and analyze hard-to-find RF signals with our powerful real-time Recording and Playback solutions. Use our wideband signal acquisition receiver and playback solution to collect and emulate signals in applications, including:

  • RF Interference Analysis
  • Signal Acquisition
  • Electronic Warfare (EW)
  • Direction Finding
  • Product Testing and Validation
  • Spectrum Surveillance
  • Acoustic Testing
  • Band Clearing
  • Education/Academic Research
  • RF System Design
  • Communications Security

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Record and playback specifications

Performance RSA306B RSA500 RSA600
Basic Information Frequency Range 9 KHz to 6.2 GHz 9KHz to 3/7.5 GHz 9KHz to 3/7.5 GHz
Real-time Bandwidth 40 MHz 40 MHz 40 MHz
Dynamic Range 65 dB 75 dB 75 dB
Recorder ADC Resolution 14 bits 14 bits 14 bits
Sample Rate 112 Ms/s 112 Ms/s 112 Ms/s
Player1 DAC Resolution 14/16 bit
Sample Rate 125 MS/s or 5 Gs/s
Power Source USB 3.0 Battery or Line Line
Type Portable Portable Semi-portable
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years

1 Using TSG4100 or AWG Series

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