Never settle for close enough.

Make the most accurate measurements with the most guaranteed specs and the industry's lowest probe loading, only with MDO3000 and MDO4000C Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes.

Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes

Less than half the probe loading compared to Keysight.

When you’re evaluating an oscilloscope, be sure to evaluate probe capacitance, too. If you’re using probes with average capacitance, a signal can look fine on your oscilloscope even though it’s being loaded down by your probe.

MDO3000 and MDO4000C mixed domain oscilloscopes come standard with TPP01000 and TPP0500 probes rated at 3.9 pF capacitance, the lowest in the industry. And less than half of Keysight’s N28xxA probes.

MDO Reference Step Signal

Never leave accuracy to chance.

Tektronix Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes deliver unrivaled accuracy right out of the box, with 15 guaranteed specifications. Other oscilloscopes like the Keysight X3000 can only promise five specifications.

Every Mixed Domain Oscilloscope undergoes a series of verification procedures before it even leaves the factory, and we stand behind them until your instrument is due for calibration.

15 Guaranteed Measurements 15 Guaranteed Measurements

DC Voltage Measurement

Step up to unrivaled accuracy.

Get the accuracy, power and wireless measurement capabilities you need. See what sets the MDO3000 and MDO4000C Mixed Domain Oscilloscopes apart from one another, and the competition.

MDO3000 Series Oscilloscope
Series Oscilloscope
  MDO4000C Series Oscilloscope
Series Oscilloscope
100 MHz to 1 GHz Analog Bandwidth 200 MHz to 1 GHz
2 or 4 analog
+ optional 16 digital
Channel Count 4 analog
+ optional 16 digital
10 Mpoints Record Length 20 Mpoints
Up to 3 GHz
Switch between oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer mode
Spectrum Analyzer Up to 6 GHz
Synchronized time and frequency analysis
50 MHz max frequency Arbitrary/Function Generator 50 MHz max frequency
121.2 ps Logic Analyzer Timing Resolution 60.6 ps
US $3,450 Starting Price US $6,900

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