YES, It's Protected.

You break it. We fix it. Simple.

Powerful test equipment deserves powerful protection.

The Total Product Protection plan includes:
•Accidental damage protection
•Defense against wear and tear
•A safeguard against electrostatic discharge or electrical overstress events
•Factory certified calibration and cleaning to ensure your instrument is as good as new
•3 and 5-year plan options
•Simply ship your equipment to a Tektronix service center and we will repair or replace the unit within 5 days of receipt. No questions asked.
•Currently offered on the MDO4000C, TBS2000, RSA 306B, and RSA 500.

Your instrument is protected, no matter what happens.*

*Because accidents happen: dropped scopes, lasers from space, bench falls, shark attacks, cracked screens, zombies, broken knobs, clumsy interns, coffee spills, and even crumbs from donuts.