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This webinar conveys practical EMI theory that will help you to approach your EMI testing more successfully. Find out about the latest test methods for EMI diagnostics, including how breakthrough technology like the Mixed Domain Oscilloscope has fundamentally changed the way engineers are testing for EMI.

During the webinar Robin Jackman will discuss the following topics:

  • Practical advice for setting up low cost EMI/EMC pre-compliance test
  • Tips for debugging EMI issues
  • When to use a scope
  • When to use a spectrum analyzer
  • When to use a network analyzer
  • Understanding what makes a mixed-domain oscilloscope perfect for EMI diagnostics.
We'll conclude the webinar with a live Q&A, your opportunity to pose questions directly to our team of experts.

Challenges Facing Quantum Computing and Signal Sources

Dr Klaus Engenhardt, Chief Technology Officer, Tektronix EMEA

There is a huge rush to explore quantum phenomena and develop technologies based on quantum physics. These technologies range from quantum computing to new communications schemes and have the potential to revolutionize the world.

In developing these technologies there are common challenges facing researchers who are using signal sources to stimulate, measure and get feedback from their quantum experiments.

About the Webinar

During the webinar Dr Klaus Engenhardt will present a high level view of the mechanisms of how quantum experiments are triggered, discuss new signal source technologies that have recently been employed, and the challenges that come with scaling, signal conditioning and synchronization needed to make a quantum technologies a reality.