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Isolated Measurement Systems (IsoVu™)
How to Accurately Measure Vgs and Vds Waveforms on both the High and Low Side

Tom Neville, Product Manager

The faster switching transitions on modern power devices has made measuring and characterizing a considerable challenge, and in some cases, impossible.

IsoVu technology from Tektronix allows designers to accurately measure Vgs and Vds waveforms and see details that were previously hidden.

About the Webinar

  • Measurement challenges on gate drives and half bridges
  • Common sources of measurement error
  • Why a probe’s poor common mode rejection can cause misleading and useless measurements
  • How IsoVu technology has created opportunities in CMTI, ESD testing, and the double pulse test

We'll close the webinar with a live Q&A, your opportunity to pose questions directly to our team of experts.

Combatting Interference
Live Webinar: Combatting Interference in your Wireless Network

The Interference of Things

One of the drawbacks of having so many electronic devices in our world is that they all emit electronic signals which causes the disruption of radio and wireless signals. The “noise” created by these signals creates interference with other nearby signals which disrupts transmissions.

With more and more electronic devices being developed and sold, there’s no doubt that noise and interference will continue to be a major issue for engineers and spectrum managers alike. With IoT, the problem is only going to get worse with the ever increasing number of signals fighting over spectrum space.

If you don’t think there’s interference in your network, it’s because you haven’t looked.

Join us on this live webinar where our RF expert, Robin Jackman, will answer the following questions:

• How do I know if there is interference in the network?
• How do I measure this interference ?
• What exactly should I be measuring ?
• What tools should I use for interference hunting and resolution?

We'll close the webinar with a live Q&A where you'll have the opportunity to put your own questions to our expert.