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Tips and Techniques to Simplify MOSFET/MOSCAP Device Characterization

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MOSFET/MOSCAP Device Characterization

Today’s semiconductor devices typically require an array of both current-voltage (I-V) and capacitance-voltage (C-V) tests to perform full parametric characterization of the device. Though it’s very common to perform these I-V and C-V tests on the same device, the two test types require different test equipment and cabling, presenting a difficult and time-consuming process that typically requires recabling the entire system.

About the Webinar:

This webinar presents a new technique that makes characterization and parameter extraction easier and quicker. We'll discuss parameter extraction and which tests will give you the most information about your device.

Register and learn how to:

  • Characterize both AC and DC properties of a MOS device
  • Perform I-V and C-V measurements correctly the first time
  • Switch between DC and AC measurements quickly and easily

Can't make the date but don't want to miss out? No problem, simply register for the webinar and we'll send you a link to the recording after the event.



Robin Jackman

Gilles Clermont

EMEA Technical Support Engineer

Gilles Clermont is an EMEA Technical Support Engineer located in Cologne, Germany. He studied Electrical Engineering in Lyon, France and currently provides technical support to Tektronix customers and colleagues across Europe.