Tektronix and Keithley
Source and Measure Solutions

A Source Measure Unit (SMU) combines a DMM and Power Supply plus more in one.

Simplify Your Current-Voltage Measurements.

Go from 4 Instruments to 1.

See how a Keithley source measure unit (SMU) tightly integrates a power supply, digital multimeter (DMM), electronic load, and current source.

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Reduce your Time to Market.

See how Keithley Source Measure Units can help you deliver reliable results quickly.

  • Short learning curve through intuitive operation 
  • Test Script Processor TSP® Technology for high throughput and tight synchronization
  • High-yield results through unmatched sensitivity and precision


Efficient DC Testing and Current–Voltage Characterization


This e-guide explores some of the most common DC current vs. voltage (I-V) tests being performed today, the seemingly inherent complications posed by each, and how new techniques can help to not only overcome these challenges but enhance efficiency and productivity, as well.

IVY Interactive

Choosing Optimal SMU Instruments for Your Test and Measurement Application.

Stated in the simplest possible terms, a source measure unit (SMU) instrument integrates the capabilities of a precision power supply (PPS) with those of a high-performance digital multimeter (DMM) in a single instrument. Read more and download our White Paper.


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