From Complexity to Confidence…

with the next-generation BERTScope – the NEW BSX Series.

  • Single solution for Receiver stress testing, debug and compliance.
  • Test Gen3 and Gen4 standards including PCIe, SAS, and USB3.1 and custom standards.
  • Handshaking and link training process for devices running up to 32 Gb/s.

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Fastest Gen4 Compliance.

Automate compliance testing of your device for Gen3 and Gen4 standards like PCIe, SAS, USB3.1 and other standards running up to 32 Gb/s.

Our sophisticated solution makes accurate and repeatable measurements easy to do for the large number of test cases specified in the standard.

BER Test Progression

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Go Beyond Compliance.

Observe your device’s response to loopback and link training test cases.

With compliance testing supported by user-configurable protocol handshaking, and built-in 4-tap equalizer, you can effortlessly and efficiently put the DUT into loopback mode or complete a link training process.


Detect. Locate. Correct.

The new BSX Series offers the industry’s only sophisticated bit error analysis, to capture and store the context of each error (timing and bit position).

Free your schedule and your mind from concerns, with speedy root cause analysis that correlates errors and delivers actionable insights.

BER Pattern Sensitivity

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Overcoming Receiver Test Challenges in Gen 4 I/O Applications

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